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Replace Missing Teeth with dental implants

Amore Dentistry provides same-day dental implants thanks to the skills of Dr. Tushar Doshi. Often, implant procedures require a waiting period before placing the crown. But Dr. Tushar Doshi can perform both the implant procedure and crown placement in the same session.

A same-day dental implant procedure changes your smile in just a few hours. Walk into the office with your old teeth and leave with new, comfortable, and permanent teeth. Amore is proud to offer same-day dental implants and same-day full-mouth dental implants. 

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what is full dental implant reconstruction?

Full dental implant reconstruction provides a permanent solution for patients missing most or all of their upper or lower teeth. Full mouth dental implants replace a whole row of teeth at once with a permanent denture. The denture is attached to between 4 to 6 anchors which are implanted in the jawbone.

The same-day dental implant procedure is more convenient and affordable than multi-session dental implant procedures. And less time in surgery means that your body heals quicker.   

If you currently have removable dentures or a bridge, full mouth dental implants are a life-changing upgrade. You will not experience the instability, irritation, or dietary restrictions typical of removable dentures. Full mouth dental implants look, function, and feel just like your natural teeth.

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The 5 Step full mouth dental implant process


When you hear “same-day”, it is important to understand what that means. Most implant procedures take multiple surgical sessions over the course of several months before temporary teeth can be placed. At Amore Dentistry you may need only have one surgical session during which the implant and temporary crown are placed.

The whole process, however, takes place over a few steps:

Step 1 — Attend a Consultation

At the initial dental implant consultation, Dr. Doshi will gather information to customize your treatment plan. After discussing your needs and treatment options, we provide detailed information regarding the cost of your procedure and what is involved. You leave the consultation with detailed information on your procedure and the next steps moving forward.

Step 2 — Pre-Procedure Examination and X-Rays

In your pre-procedure examination, we will assess the state of your oral health and gather dental information needed to create your custom prosthetic arch. X-rays and CT scans are often necessary to determine the best locations for implants to be placed. The implant will only support your permanent denture if there is sufficient bone mass in the surrounding area.  

Step 3 — Same Day Dental Implant Procedure

The next step is to schedule and attend your full mouth dental implant procedure. The procedure involves local anesthetic, so you don’t feel a thing during surgery. Your dentist will give you specific instructions leading up to the day of your procedure.

At the end of this day, you walk out of our office with a set of temporary teeth that look and feel natural. These are not your permanent teeth. The implant needs time to fuse and the mouth to heal before you can return to a restriction-free diet.

Patients usually stick to a soft food diet during the recovery and healing period. Every patient’s body is different, and it may take between a couple of weeks to a few months before your implants are ready for the final prosthetic arch.

Step 4 — Post-Operative Check-Ins

During your recovery period, there are several dental check-up appointments where your dentists assess how well your jaw and gums are healing. When your implants are sufficiently fused to the bone, you and the dentist schedule a time to come back to place your permanent prosthetic teeth.

Step 5 — Replacing the Temporary Teeth with Your New Permanent Teeth

Once your implants are fused to the jawbone and stable enough to support your full bite force, the final prosthetic is attached. The permanent full mouth implant denture is custom fit to your mouth and feels indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Now you can eat without restrictions, look at your reflection with pride, and enjoy the smile and laughter you deserve.

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