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dental implants faq irvine ca

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Below you can find frequently asked questions regarding dental implants. Dental Implants can sometimes feel like a complex or confusing procedure. Here at Amore Dentistry, we strive to provide detailed and transparent information in order for patients to feel more comfortable and prepared for the procedure!

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Q: What are Dental Implants?

A: Dental implants are made out of titanium alloy and are used to restore missing spaces. There are three components to a dental implant: the implant itself which is placed in the jawbone, an abutment that acts as an interface between the implant and the crown, and an implant crown which looks like a natural tooth. At Amore Dentistry, we only and always use dental implants made in the USA.

Q: Do I have to Go Somewhere Else to Get My Implant Placed?

A: In most cases, dental implants can be placed and also restored all in one place at our office.

Q: Can a Dental Implant Be Placed At The Same Time My Tooth is Extracted?

A: Yes, in many cases you can get a dental implant placed the same time your tooth is extracted. This special technique reduces the waiting time by a few months for getting a crown restored. Dental implant crowns (the part of the implant you see and can eat with) are typically placed at a later date.

Q: How Much is a Dental Implant? Are They Covered By Insurance?

A: Dental implants can range from $2,500 to $4,000 which includes the implant crown. The dental implants and crowns we use at Amore Dentistry are made in the USA. Most insurances now cover dental implants. You can check with your insurance carrier or we can assist you in finding out your coverage when you provide us with your insurance information.

Q: Will the Procedure Be Painful? Do I Have to Take Time Off Work Afterward? Do I have to Be Put to Sleep During the Procedure?

A: No, you do not need to be put to sleep to have an implant placed. We use a strong local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and pain-free during the procedure. Implant placement does not usually require you to take time off work and you can even safely drive home after your procedure.

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Q: Can I Eat and Drink Normally After Getting Dental Implants?

A: Yes! The benefit of dental implants is that you can function with them as you would your natural teeth.

Q: What is a Bone Graft?

A: A bone graft is a material that is used in dentistry to fill in spaces where more bone is needed. Your body replaces the bone graft material with its own bone. The benefit of a bone graft is that it prevents most of the resorption of the jawbone and provides a more foundational bone structure for the implant.

What are the Maintenance Protocol and Precautions of Care with Dental Implants?

A: You take care of your implants the same way you take care of your natural teeth. You should brush your teeth for two minutes twice daily and you should floss your teeth including around your implant once daily. Using a WaterPik water flosser around your implant will be crucial as well for the longevity of your implant.

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